Sunday, August 16, 2009

YouTube - exposure to inappropiate material.

The more I discover about the wonders available the more my mind boggles. The infinite supply of resources available means that all that is necessary is a simple 'google' search and the world is at my fingertips (literally just about). YouTube, Podcast, Google Earth, the list goes on. Just these three alone can assist with learning experience design in a way that would never have been possible in my past. The students of this millennium are so advantaged that sometimes I believe that they do not always appreciate what they have to learn with. When I was at school learning french, I imagine how much easier it would have been to have access to the resources that can be found via the Internet. A YouTube clip like this one to assist with the learning especially for students similar to the one in my class at present. The student is from Thailand and extremely shy and introverted. The student works well on the computer and only requires the assistance of a peer for minor technical aspects that may be in English to difficult to comprehend.

Here is a link that I have stumbled across on my journey into the wild "YouTube" jungles:
Of course as with any site accessed through the Internet there are issues that need to be remember. It has been pointed out to us at University that we need to ensure that only the actual YouTube we want the students to view is included in the power point or other site that we create (Web Quests can contain YouTube as well) as there may be ethical and inappropriate materials associated with the overall site. I quickly browsed through the above link and did not see anything that would not be labelled as educational, but it was a quick look, so I would suggest if you want to take a look remember to utilize 'keepvid' site for any that you find that you may want to use in the future. Here is to many happy and beneficial hours of 'YouTube' viewing to be had by one and all.

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