Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Suddenly Seeking Digital Natives!

Welcome to those who like me are willing to seek assistance from those wonderful Digital Natives out there. I am still reading and re-reading Prensky's article and each time I read it I discover something that I can see relates to many classrooms of the 21st Century. Many of today's classrooms are controlled by teachers who have little understanding of this new technological age. Or maybe they have too much knowledge and inadequate funding so they resort to not trying to teach to the students, rather they are satisfied with just achieving the basics. Are they really willing to let children move on to the next year level (or graduate) without attempting to instill in them a thirst and hunger for learning. The underpinning message behind all of the Key Learning Areas in the Queensland curriculum is that all students should be life long learners and this is only possible by designing learning experiences that are engaging to all students (Queensland Studies Authority2004). Students also need to feel they are part of the learning and I feel that there is no better way than to let them assist with the learning (design and implementation). Personally I have very minimal knowledge in the area of Information Communication Technology and to have the assistance of a more knowledgeable person (younger or older) is always welcome. This can only make the learning experience more engaging for both the students and the teacher (me).

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