Monday, August 3, 2009


Fantasy Flight Investigation:
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I have decided to 'delete' the view I had previously posted as it was written in the heat of the moment and I have been able to complete the task after much frustration and pulling out of the hair.
After viewing other blogs and seeing that through perseverance others have managed to complete this 'simple' task I have decided to give it another go. Networking is a great motivational tool. So through the use of blog sites such as this and 'wiki's' I can see how students who would other wise give up without trying can be encouraged to give everything another try until they have exhausted every possible option. So to set a good example for my future students I will keep trying until I master this (hopefully before the due date of this assignment).

Yes! After following the gifted instructions of a fellow BLM student (no names mentioned Rhonda) I have been able to finally link my quiz to my blog. Yes it does help to "keep on trying when at first you do not succeed" (yes I will 'google that saying to find out where it originated so that I can reference it correctly) ( I 'googled' and discovered many have said it so I will choose W.C. Fields, famous American comedian) I have really enjoyed creating a quiz that can be used as a diagnostic or summative form of assessment while at the same time the learning is done in such a way that the students are not just sitting at their desks working of the board or out of a text book. The best aspect of doing on-line quizzes is that the environment is being cared for, we are not using paper which is a non-renewable resource, so we could link this form of learning to a unit of work on caring for the environment and the students would feel that in a small way they have made a contribution.

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