Monday, August 17, 2009

Each New Day Brings a New Joy!

Get a Voki now!

I have been learning so much and my grand daughter really loves the Vokis that everybody has been posting on their blogs, so I have decided to have another go at creating a series of them that I could use in class to encourage the students with their Maths investigation that they are currently doing. They are up to the stage where they need to investigate the different types of holidays that they can choose from. For this section they will be using a Dimension 3 Complex Reasoning Process as outlined in the Dimensions of Learning Manual (Marzano& Pickering) They will be learning and applying the process of comparing. I thought that by introducing certain aspects of the learning through the use of Avatars the students would see that they could use this tool to perhaps present some of their information back to the class. The students would be encouraged to think seriously about using this tool to enhance their presentation. Of course they would need instruction in how to complete this, or there maybe students in the class who already have the prior knowledge necessary so they will be able to assist with the teaching. By implementing the lesson in this manner the students who are assisting acquire a feeling of self-worth and a satisfaction in a job well done, whereas the students who need the instruction will get a better understanding of what is required because those delivering the instructions are speaking in their language and at their level (unlike some teachers who try to talk in academic terms and fail to notice that not all students are comprehending the message). According to Kearsley & Schneiderman (1998) in their Engagement Theory if students are truly engaged in learning experiences that relate to the real world and offer authentic problem scenarios through interaction with others and worthwhile tasks they will value the outcomes and be capable of linking the learning to areas outside school.

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