Thursday, August 20, 2009


What another great site, how I am ever going to find the time to investigate all these wonderful resources as well as complete my studies in other courses? That is the question I have to ask myself every time I begin to look at a new topic. How much more interesting is this than just sitting in lecture and listening to someone "blah blah blah" and if I feel this way about the subject I can only believe that the students in a classroom would be that much more interested in learning if some (or most) of their lessons were to include the use of ICT's. Truly engaging tasks can be created and with the introduction of a initial problematic question the students could be lead on a journey researching the information they need to complete their set tasks. Next term the class I am currently working in are required to create an electronic board game, it is a task that has been implemented every year for the year seven classes. This year they could actually take a step into the 21st Century and the students could do most of their work on-line. They could use this site to investigate the necessary criteria (as outlined on their task sheet/criteria sheet) and other e-learning tools to complete some of their other requirements. These will (or have been) mentioned in other posts. The following are just a few links that the students could follow, of course if Iwas designing the unit I would include these on a "Wiki" (similar to the one I have previously mentioned designing for a maths unit). They would then be able to do group work and edit each other posts and contribute without being together all the time. - -

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