Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Learning Management Systems??????

Hi Faithfull Followers,
Yes here I go again with some useful information from 'googling' a term and discovering something new. To be honest how did we (Digital Immigrants, or as I like to refer to myself "the oldies") ever get through our many years of schooling without this wonderful tool to do all the hard work for us.
"A learning management system (LMS) is software for delivering, tracking and managing training/education.......Most LMSs are web-based to facilitate access to learning content and administration. LMSs are used by regulated industries (e.g. financial services and biopharma) for compliance training. It is also used by educational institutions for enhance and support classroom teaching and offering courses to larger population of learners across the globe." (many thanks to that wonderful, if not quite academic, source of information, Wikipedia)
Learning as much as I have in the last eighteen months I have still be able to learn more with each task that is required for this course, before this I had never even heard the term 'Learning Management System' and now I discover it is the tool we have been using from the beginning of our studies. Blackboard is a LMS as is Moodle and many others. There have been times when I have experienced difficulties with both of the previously mentioned systems and I realize that as with any new technology there will always be 'bugs' that need to be identified and corrected. These forms of learning design tools enable a teacher to closely monitor (Moodle does, but not BlackBoard) a students participation and consequently the teacher can provide immediate feedback about tasks, questions and the overall performance of a cohort. These areas are extremely important in ensuring students are learning and being challenged and engaged in the learning.

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