Friday, July 31, 2009

My First "Voki"

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Hi Fellow Me-L's, So far this has been a slow journey for me but each step of the way I am discovering more and more about the importance of letting students learn by experiencing things for themselves. I really feel like a 'Digital Virgin' when it comes to attempting any of the tasks for this course. Sometimes I wish I had my own personal tutor standing over me giving me prompts along the way. But I suppose practising my Habits of Mind will give me something to use for modelled teaching when I finally get into a classroom. So I will Persist, Be Accurate & seek accuracy and approach each task with an open mind. Of course it would be nice to experience a sense of comfort and order about the task once in a while but all is well that ends well (at least I hope this will end well).
(term created for me by my ever-loving husband 1 August 2009)

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