Friday, July 17, 2009

Life is a continuing journey......

Hi everyone, Everyday I am discovering just how much I need to learn to keep up with my grandchild. Technology was never my forte, and now I am attempting things that I would not have thought possible 2 years ago. I am so very, very, very thankful to all those kind souls out there that have assisted me on my journey thus far. The very first activity has confirmed what I have always believed, that we need to actually 'do' something to get a fuller understanding of it. This really applies to all aspects of life, not just education. As a young child you do not learn to walk and talk without attempting these things. I am still a 'baby' when it comes to computers and all they have to offer me, so I am having heaps of fun grasping onto all the new 'worlds' available to me and those that I will one day be responsible for educating.
Back another day, off to consume my lunch.

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